Hungry Ghost Design does frontend development for Montague Webworks

Since 2015, Hungry Ghost Design has been the face of Montague Webworks, a Franklin County, MA based web development company. We design and develop the majority of user interfaces for their websites. Check out Erik’s bio on the Montague Webworks staff page. 

The partnership began in the spring of 2015, when Mik Muller approached Erik Jonsberg asking for upgrades to several of his websites. They were outdated and noticeably mobile unfriendly. We’ve worked together ever since. Erik handles much of the creative work and front end development projects, and Mik continues to refine, enhance, and upgrade the backend of his homegrown content management system.

Designing and developing websites for Montague Webworks is fast paced. We usually launch a site within one or two weeks of the initial order. Because of such quick turnover, we set high standards for ourselves and aspire to get things right from the start. Also, because all MWW sites are built on Bootstrap, we’ve become Bootstrap uber experts.

Here are some of the things we’re developing for Montague Webworks:

  • Assisting with the integration of Bootstrap tags into Montague Webworks proprietary ColdFusion CMS, RocketFusion
  • Designing and developing inspired, modern frontend user experiences for new websites
  • Upgrading existing RocketFusion sites to be mobile responsive using the Twitter Bootstrap framework
  • Transforming old outdated RocketFusion sites with clean contemporary designs
  • Building the front ends for RocketFusion’s Open Government town website modules
  • Refactoring old, deprecated, and non-semantic HTML markup and CSS
  • Creating custom Javascript code that adds functionality and unique features to new and existing websites
  • Logo design and vectorization

Because the structure of the RocketFusion backend leads to unique frontend development challenges, each project offers us opportunities to refine our core skillsets. Hungry Ghost Design prides itself on being able to meet our clients where they’re at, communicate effectively, and overcome any barriers to the development process. We don’t hack, we problem solve.

Hungry Ghost Design is not affiliated with Montague Webworks. We provide our services on a contractual basis. If you are a web development company in need of a high quality, professional design and development partner, please consider contacting us.

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