Time is money

You know you need to market your business to be visible to your target market. But, like most small business owners, there are more pressing demands for your attention. Your time is spent on operational issues and you struggle to find the time to do marketing. Yet, sales are dependent on creating visibility and generating demand for your product or services.

You know that having an online presence is a big part of marketing. It generates leads, helps you communicate with customers, and most of all, it creates sales. You’ve been thinking of fixing up your website, doing some SEO, and figuring out an online marketing strategy. But who’s got time for that? There’s a huge learning curve and you’ve got a business to run. 

You thought about hiring someone but you’re not sure where to start. 

There’s that local guy who’s dirt cheap, but his websites that look like there were put together with sticks and glue, his SEO sucks, and he doesn’t do digital marketing. For five hundred bucks you get a crappy website that no one can find. 

You looked into a couple of agencies. Their websites are beautiful and their SEO is outstanding. They’ll even create a marketing plan that will get you a 10% conversion rate. But you’ll have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.

What you really need is agency level service at the price of the local hack. But you know that’s not going to happen. Right?

"We could not be MORE pleased with the website that Erik created for our business. Working with Erik was an easy and fun collaboration. He navigates the technology with great proficiency, yet translates it for a “lay person” and makes it accessible. Erik has a keen sense for design, and finessed my ideas into a website that I am proud of. Erik is always available for our questions, quick to respond to glitches, and continues to be a great resource for us. We recommend him with the highest confidence, and would be happy to speak with anyone about our experiences."
"Erik Jonsberg is a phenomenal designer who has transformed my company’s product offerings, and brought us into the 21.1st century in terms of the latest website layout technology, techniques and trends. He is a hard contract worker, at a very good price point. I can always be assured a fabulous result when we work together, and his positive nature always brings a smile to my face."
Mik Muller
Montague Webworks

There is a solution

Right. It isn’t. Let’s just get it on the table. You get what you pay for and $500 isn’t going to get much. But don’t despair.

You don’t have to waste valuable time trying to DIY. Let the hack can ruin your competition’s image. The agency can cater to the rich and famous. And Hungry Ghost Design can work with you.

We have a passion for helping businesses like yours succeed. The tools in our toolbox are state-of-the-art.  Our solutions drive traffic, engage customers, and sell your products and services. We specialize in bringing local customers to local businesses.

When you hire us you’ll get an integrated platform that includes all of the core components of a successful digital marketing strategy: Website, SEO, social media, paid ads, email marketing, killer content, blog, and analytics.

Here’s the cool part: You don’t have to pay agency rates. Not even close.

That’s because a big part of the cost of web development, SEO, and digital marketing comes from intangibles like time and skill. We price our intangibles as low as possible. Yes, we need to pay our bills and maybe get the kid something nice for his birthday, but we aren’t getting rich.

Trade your time for our time. You’ll get tons of leads, make a lot of sales, and have more repeat customers. You’ll save money. Best of all, you won’t be stressing over your website.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

You started your dream business because you have skills, you love the freedom of being your own boss, or you have an amazing product. Whatever your reasons, owning a business is challenging and rewarding.There are a lot of headaches, too – stuff that consumes your time and stresses you out. Imagine having the time to take care of the tasks you enjoy, like making sales. Then imagine new customers lining up and old ones coming back. Even better, imagine having the revenue to grow your business. Best yet, imagine your peace of mind knowing that you’re meeting your goals effortlessly.Here’s what digital marketing success looks like:You have a well-designed website that people like to visit. Your customers can find your business. They tell others about you. They keep coming back for more. You have tons of endorsements on social media. You have great content. Your digital marketing strategy works like a well-oiled machine.We’re not going to do your taxes for you, but we can take a lot off your plate. We’re here to develop, support, collaborate, and teach. You’re here to run a successful business.

You got this!

"Erik provides real expertise in web development, not just design. There are far too many designers out there who fall in love with tools that make things look cool but slow your website down. Erik makes sure your site is optimized for SEO and mobile, in addition to looking good. Highly recommended."
Mike Sahno
Sahno Publishing

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