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Affordable Marketing Platforms

Web Design

Hungry Ghost Design helps small businesses and entrepreneurs enhance engagement and connect with customers, users, and clients. We create solutions that convert and craft strategies for extending customer reach.


We help local business be seen! SEO, social media marketing, email campaigns, newsletters, branding, and logo design. Relevant graphics, on-target messaging and compelling stories — content that drives traffic, engages, and converts!


A high conversion website needs to be fast and reliable. We offer blazing fast hosting on LiteSpeed servers. Our packages include email, updates, and technical support – everything you need to ensure that traffic on your site is smooth and error free.

Time is money

You know you need to market your business to be visible to your target market. But, like most small business owners, there are more pressing demands for your attention. Your time is spent on operational issues and you struggle to find the time to do marketing. Yet, sales are dependent on creating visibility and generating demand for your product or services.

You know that having an online presence is a big part of marketing. Because it generates leads, helps you communicate with customers, and most of all, it creates sales. As a result, you’ve been thinking of building a website, but time and money are major obstacles. Or maybe you already have a website, but it’s just sitting there, not really doing anything to help your business.

There is a solution

What if you could find someone who could give you back some of your time? Someone who could handle the complexities of digital marketing while you do what you do best. That would be pretty cool, right?

That someone is Hungry Ghost Design. We have a passion for helping businesses like yours succeed. And we have the tools to make it happen. We create solutions that drive traffic, engage customers, and sell products and services. Plus, we specialize in helping local businesses find local customers. We design websites and a lot more: We create seamless platforms that integrate the many facets of online marketing and sales, by automating a lot of the tedious stuff.

Yeah, you’ll still have to write posts, but the rest of it will take care of itself.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

You want to sell cool stuff, right? You started your dream business because you have something to offer. Imagine having the time to do it. And, imagine new customers lining up and old ones coming back. On top of that, imagine having the revenue to grow your business.

Here’s what digital marketing success looks like:

You have a well-designed website that people like to visit. Your customers can find your business. They tell others about you. They keep coming back for more. You have tons of endorsements on social media. You have great content. Your digital marketing strategy works like a well-oiled machine

We’re here to design, support, collaborate, and teach. But you’re the one with the love, ambition, and drive.

You got this!

Beautiful Websites
optimized for local search

It has never been easier to up your digital marketing game

Carissa Spada responsive design mockup by Hungry Ghost Design
Carissa Sapda
Voter Mentor Project responsive design mockup by Hungry Ghost Design
Voter Mentor Project
Heal Though Love responsive design mockup by Hungry Ghost Design
Heal Through Love
Pam Bartlett
Zapka's Garden Center
Chef Myron's

Case Studies

Hungry Ghost Design, Chef Myron's, web development, SEO, e-commerce, mailing list development, and hosting for a producer of value-added products

Chef Myron's Sauces

Website design, e-commerce development, SEO, and email marketing for a local producer of value-added products.

Hungry Ghost Design, Julie Kumble, Web development, SEO, ecommerce, email development for an author and lecturer

Greater Good Leadership

Website design and SEO focused on book sales and event promotion for a locally based author and lecturer.

"Erik is a gem. Look no further. He brings support, incredible talent, an authentic and creative nature and patience to a partnership. For these and many other attributes, I am so grateful. I look forward to working together for a long time to come."

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