Project Details

Client Chef Myron’s Fine Foods, Inc.
Date 12/10/17
Features Web design, local SEO, e-commerce, social media, blog, email campaign


Myron’s Fine Foods manufactures and markets authentic pacific rim style cooking sauces and world-class international finishing sauces. The sauces’ culinary integrity empowers professional and non-professional cooks to prepare superior foods faster, better and more simply. It is owned and operated by Chef Myron Becker and is located in Orange, MA. Its primary target market is foodservice but there is also a retail component. Chef Myron’s reach is global. But it is a small operation, employing local personnel.

When Chef Myron’s contacted Hungry Ghost Design, their sales were stagnant and they wanted digital as part added to their new, aggressive marketing campaign. We helped them Increase customer engagement by 90%, online sales by 60%, and customer retention by 80%.


Chef Myron’s website was outdated and unreliable. Although the malware was gone, it still had the distinct scars of a pharma hack. The copy was careless, ineffective, and filled with typos. Its design was awkward and not user-friendly. The content was random and disjointed. Navigation was unclear. There was a store, but it was also confusing. The site got almost no traffic.

As part of a fresh marketing campaign, Chef Myron’s asked for a complete redesign. Emphasis was on improving user experience, increasing visibility, targeting global markets, extending audience reach, and making sales.

Following the launch of the new website, Chef Myron’s wanted an email campaign targeting their extensive contact list. They also requested lead magnets offering product discounts to grow their list.



Chef Myron's includes intuitive navigation and a consistent message. The site looks good and functions well on any device or screen size. Each target market has unique content. Testimonials are prominent.


We linked Chef Myron’s social media accounts to the website and there are multiple opportunities to get in touch. An opt-in ribbon unobtrusively slides up on the bottom pages. Opt-on boxes also appear in the post sidebars.


Ordering Chef Myron’s products is a snap. There are multiple linkages to the online store. We also included robust product documentation and downloadable information sheets.

Email List

We designed custom emails and implemented a campaign to reconnect with existing customers and bring in new subscribers.


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Increased Customer Engagement


Increased Online Sales


Customer Retention

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