The Hungry Ghost, in Buddhist mythology, is a being with such immense hunger that it’s never satisfied and is doomed to spend one or more life cycles trapped in the Hell Realm. The Preta is a creature shaped like a teardrop with an exceptionally tiny mouth and throat and a massive stomach. Because it can’t take in enough nourishment to fill its cavernous belly, the Hungry Ghost is stuck in an endless cycle of always wanting more. Ugh, what a bummer!

Most myths and legends in the Buddhist tradition are allegory. The Hungry Ghost represents individuals who are exceptionally greedy or who are so attached to material things that their quest for more deprives them of happiness. The Hungry Ghost can be seen as a metaphor for addiction and materialism — the sense that if one has a latest car, the perfect relationship, a bigger house, and so on, life will be complete and all will be well. In reality, according to Buddhist philosophy, we will only be happy when I can be satisfied through acceptance of the present moment.Not always easy!

Monk meets a hungry ghost

A monk and an angry ghost

Erik Jonsberg at Greenfield, MA Winter Carnival

Amitabha meets the hungry ghosts

Why did we choose to name our company Hungry Ghost Design and how does this metaphor fit into a company philosophy? Well, I sounds cool for one thing. We love Buddhist philosophy. We try to live one day, one moment at a time.

Also, we like to keep things simple. Sometimes websites get overly complicated. The developer adds fancy animation, widgets and plugins for every conceivable thing, redundant, buggy code, and so on. We’ve had people say to us, “My website’s too slow. Can you fix it?” When we take a look under the hood, there’s so much junk in there that it’s a wonder the site loads at all. It’s turned into a bloated monstrosity that’s slow, buggy, and impossible to maintain.

At Hungry Ghost Design we believe that less is more. Our aim is to create contemporary, exciting, informative and effective websites that are legible, fast, and do what they’re supposed to do. We don’t skimp on features, in fact all of our sites are mobile responsive and built to our client’s exact specifications, but we always strive to balance intuitive, functional user interface design with speed and efficient use of code.  Our sites are light, affordable, easy to maintain, and have the flexibility to grow with our client’s goals and aspirations.

We are passionate about what we do. We love our work – it’s creative, fun, and exciting, and each new project offers us a chance to challenge ourselves to go beyond our client’s expectations.

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